Well... here we are, under the cherry trees.

In the last month, there have been challenges, changes, uncertainties.  But also hope, and community, and compassion.

I don't know what May has in store for us, but I know that it will be different than months prior.  What will we find when we look at was, and could have been?  Who knows.    

What had been there is gone, and it lives in our hearts, and we'll find out what comes next, together.


End of April

Under a cherry tree
I found a robin’s egg,
broken, but not shattered.
I had been thinking of you,
and was kneeling in the grass
among fallen blossoms
when I saw it: a blue scrap,
a delicate toy, as light
as confetti
It didn’t seem real,
but nature will do such things
from time to time.
I looked inside:
it was glistening, hollow,
a perfect shell
except for the missing crown,
which made it possible
to look inside.
What had been there
is gone now
and lives in my heart
where, periodically,
it opens up its wings,
tearing me apart.

—Phillis Levin


For me, the poem above represents much of what I've been feeling recently.  What was is gone, but is not shattered, only something I now observe and can open to see inside.  The beauty of what was is now somewhere, flying in the clouds, and will someday return, maybe next Spring, maybe sooner, but its still beautiful and something to look forward to, even though I still long for that past... but I'm very much looking forward to what will be, and to what comes after the cherry trees...


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Wishing you health and wellness, in every sense of the words,

The CDR Family


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller


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